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Fundraiser: Supporting LGBTIQA+ Asylum Seekers & Refugees


Throughout June last year, we asked for your donations to support LGBTQIA+ refugee and asylum seekers living in Australia. After weeks of campaigning, we were proud to have fundraised over $25,550! 

This year, we're doing it all again.

Over the past year, your donations have gone towards the funding of new and already existing LGBTQIA+ peer-led support groups for queer refugees and asylum seekers in Melbourne and Sydney. We look forward to sharing some messages of hope from Many Coloured Sky—one such support group—in the weeks coming. 

Your donations have also gone towards funding two major grants to develop online training resources; one for legal services and the other for settlement services and LGBTI organisations.

But the need for funding doesn’t end here.

This end of financial year, we want to raise $30,000 to not just sustain, but grow the financial support that provides such integral communities for people who have been forcibly displaced.

LGBTQIA+ asylum seekers and refugees living in Australia are a very vulnerable group.

They often experience great difficulty in coming out within their religious and cultural community; they are fearful of retaliation against their family in their country of origin, as well as personal safety in their new community in Australia; convincing the Australian Government of their sexuality / gender identity and why they need asylum is especially difficult. 


"Queer asylum-seeking and refugee [people] are experiencing compounding marginalisations arising not only from the intersection of their sexual orientation and gender identity, but also age, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability and migration status.

Queer asylum-seeking [people] are particularly at risk of discrimination due to language barriers, limited knowledge about systems and legislation in Australia as well as precarity of their migration status. Because of the experiences of persecution, they often do not trust authorities and thus not seeking help or remedies from injustices faced in Australia."

- Queer Sisterhood Project (2019) Being Queer and Refugee, ed. by Dixson, T., Dixson, R.


Any donation you make over $2.00 is tax deductible and—of course—greatly appreciated. 


Want to go even further? Fundraise with us, for us!

Create your own CrowdRaiser fundraiser and raise money on behalf of Pride Foundation Australia. Hold an morning tea or a movie night, take on a challenge, auction off an artwork or simply invite your network of friends, family and colleagues to support you in supporting us. 

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