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The 3rd Place Connect Appeal

3rd Place Connect Appeal

The purpose of this project is to promote social connection amongst problem gamblers and socially isolated members and promote alternative forms of entertainment and recreation.

The innovative program will increase community capacity to utilise non-gaming entertainment options (including neighbourhood house activities), build social confidence amongst problem gamblers and promote non-gaming local entertainment and recreation. The program will target problem gamblers who have finished or are near completion of problem gambling counselling.

Chrysalis Insight Inc will undertake the program, having recently completed a similar pilot program called (Re)Making Meaning with the Department of Justice in the eastern suburbs. The Department of Justice has evaluated the program and found it highly successful at reducing the risk of relapse and a best practice example of problem gambling prevention programs.


Research, both local and Australia-wide, has identified that one main reason people gamble on Electronic Gaming Machines (EGMs) is because of the lack of alternative venues open at the same hours and offering a high-quality, welcome, relaxed and perceived safe venue.

Gaming venues are able to offer low-cost meals and drinks, quality venues and a range of entertainment because they have a strong income stream in EGMs. If Council wishes to provide quality alternatives to gaming venues and thereby reduce the harmful impact of EGM gambling on a community, it must provide places and activities that meet the needs currently filled by these venues.

Many low and no-cost recreation and entertainment options already exist. A program is needed to direct people and build their confidence in accessing these options, to try new activities and experiences and in doing so build strong social connections within their community. The particular focus will be on those people who are problem gamblers or are vulnerable to social isolation.

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