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Asian Australian Artists Association

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art


Fostering Australia's cultural relationship with Asia is important to Australia's future.

At 4A we believe that creating opportunities for audiences to experience adventurous, world-class artistic works will have lasting impact on Australian culture.

Your donation will support exhibitions, educational workshops, residencies and support artists to make new work and articulate their experiences to a broader public.

Donors Assist Us To:

  • Produce innovative, groundbreaking and internationally significant exhibitions
  • Present work by the leading artists working in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Develop the careers of artists, assisting them at critical points of their development by providing opportunities and mentorship
  • Document and archive these activities for research and educational use  

4A's donors become an integral part of our organisation. We like to be in close contact with our supporters through regular updates and information about the projects we are working on.

When supporting 4A, donors gain a unique insider's view of the art of the region and see the development of projects firsthand. We find that our donors enjoy seeing the close connection between the support that they give and the work that we do.

With your help we can ensure that contemporary art plays a central role in understanding the dynamic relationship between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and advance Asian cultural literacy. 

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181-187 Hay Street

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.