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CINI Australia, Child In Need India

CINI Australia 2017 Christmas Appeal

Children out of school are children at risk  

Make a difference for them this Christmas.

Watch the video below to hear why Dr Caudhuri started CINI and how it effected the lives of Babu and his sister

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In 2015-16 CINI (Child In Need Institute) India identified 11,478 girls who were out of school, in the West Bengal and Jharkhand regions of India.  We know that without education these girls are vulnerable to abuse, trafficking, child labour, early marriage and pregnancy.  They have little say in their future and poverty continues to the next generation. 

Many families moved into the city slums, 2 or 3 generations ago hoping for a better life.  Since then they have faced poverty, malnutrition and poor sanitation. Parents, with little schooling, work as rickshaw drivers, rag pickers (sorting through rubbish piles) and domestic servants. Others work in the noxious environment of leather tanneries or as ‘daily labourers’ waiting by the roadside, each morning to be taken to building sites for a day’s work. Families carry water from the local pump to their homes. Their houses are usually a single room and a bed shared by the whole family. There is no spare money for books, education or small luxuries.

Education is one of the most powerful ways to overcome poverty.  

Of the 11,478 out-of-school girls identified in 2015-2016, CINI prepared 8,317 (73%) to join age-appropriate classes in local government schools.

CINI’s educations centres are giving the children a chance to succeed at school and change their futures. The impact of  these centres is enormous. The children succeed at school, avoid child labour, develop skills needed to earn an income and are less vulnerable to exploitation.

Schooling improves girls’ self-esteem and value in the community. 

The centres are  small rooms, scattered throughout Kolkata’s many slums.  The children come 6 days a week for 4 hours and are happy to do their school work. They love to play, sing, dance and create in a safe and happy place. Parents come to see the value of education. Many of CINI’s dedicated teachers grew up in similar circumstances and understand exactly what the children need. They visit families and work with the community to prevent child marriage, to improve ther health and empower them to speak up for their needs.

CINI Australia’s Christmas appeal aims to raise $5,000 to support 40 more children in CINI’s inner city slum education centres.

Your donation of

      $10 will support a child in the centre for a month

      $20 will help buy materials for the centre

      $50 will support 5 children for a month

      $120 will support a child for a year

      $240 or $10 a month for 2 years is a full sponsorship for the child

Help reach this goal for Kolkata's children by Christmas

       Donate in lieu of a present and print your Gift Certificate
       Make CINI Australia your Christmas Party cause 


Contact CINI Australia for a CINI Australia Moneybox to collect donations and pamphlets explaining our programs - we’ll get them to you in time for your event.Contact us at or 0428538761


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Watch the video below to hear why Dr Caudhuri started CINI and how it effected the lives of Babu and his sister


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