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Australia's Magna Carta Institute (Rule of Law Institute)

Legal Education to Disadvantaged Youth (LEDY)


Our legal education cause equips young people with the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to successfully resolve problems encountered in everyday life.  The law is the single most powerful social force preserving and legitimating the prevailing distribution of power in our society (Walsh 2007), we therefore want to ensure as many youths as possible have a basic legal knowledge to ensure they're engaged and are active participants rather than the negative consequences were are all too used to reading about in newspapers and seeing on the nightly news.   

We achieve this education and engagement by undertaking tailored workshops in schools and communities as well as court excursions which all target disadvantaged youth.  This is all delivered by experienced teachers and achieves tangible behaviour change including:

- 83% of participants highlighting that they will make more positive life choices.

- 82% of participants stating that they have a higher trust and confidence in the legal system.

- 94% of participants passing on their positive experience and education to friends and family members. 

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