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National Institute of Circus Arts

Elevate Indigenous Scholarship Award


Harley Mann, Certificate IV student

“NICA has the only circus degree in Australia and being located in Melbourne, it’s difficult for people in rural communities or even other cities to get to NICA.

Going back and visiting family is hard financially. There isn’t a lot of support in terms of Indigenous community for me here though, so I try to go home to Sydney as much as possible. If you’re from Perth or Arnhem Land or further, it’s quite difficult to get home. A scholarship where someone could finish their degree and not be so far behind financially would an amazing opportunity.”

It is NICA’s aim to increase participation in our courses by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and support their transition to study.

It is our Vision that together with Swinburne University we will be a place where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their heritage, cultures and spirituality are valued, respected and celebrated.

Our Vision is to build a university culture that promotes and practically supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other Australians to come together to learn and make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities.

Your valued donation will allow us to:

· Support a student by contributing to relocations costs associated with coming to NICA

· Support one student each year with rent costs

· Ensure students can maintain strong relationships with their families and communities while studying at NICA

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Image: NICA Student Harley Mann


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