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Blue Light Victoria Inc.

Pavilion Blue Light Boxing Program

This program is a joint partnership between Blue Light Victoria, The Pavilion School, Northside Boxing Gym, Victoria Police, McDonalds Northern United, Darebin Youth Services and recognises that Crime Prevention is a shared responsibility between government and the community.

Sport delivers its most positive impacts on behaviour when utilised within a wider developmental programme of education and support, this partnership will enable that wider program.

The Pavilion School located in Preston aims to re-engage young people who are currently disengaged from any form of education. The school is designed as a transition and/or re-integration centre for young people of secondary school age who wish to access educational support that is tailored to meet individual needs.

Most Pavilion students are at risk of one or more of the following: homelessness, childhood trauma, poverty, drug and alcohol use, involvement in youth justice, family violence abuse and neglect, development of mental illness and teen pregnancy.

This program will provide:

-          an environment and influences that promote positive values

-          opportunities to develop relationships and trust

-          the opportunity to take on responsibility

-          skills to be able to resolve conflicts constructively

-          an environment that will encourage health, fitness and well-being

-          opportunities to build self-confidence

-          Renewed interests and alternative recreation options

-          Interaction with positive role models

-          Reduction in negative and/or offending behaviour

-          Improved self-esteem, confidence and sense of belonging

-          Opportunities to gain valuable skills on a pathway to employment

-          Opportunities to participate in real life work experience with the necessary support structures in place to cater for any individuals who require extra assistance.


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