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Supporting the Disabled Children's Foundation


Established since 1997, the Disabled Children’s Foundation have partnered with organisations to support unique programs that enable children living with disabilities to be able to achieve rehabilitation, confidence, self-determination and to gain physical independence.

For over 20 years we have created lasting change in the lives of children with disabilities by supporting long-term development goals, promoting social inclusion and responding to respite care. 

The Foundation receives less than 1% operating budget from government sources, relying heavily upon the generosity of the general public. It’s only because of the generosity of our supporters that we continue to help children with disabilities to share the opportunities and benefits of participation in the community. 

We support programs that deliver: modified recreational activities, specialised therapy, education & training support, social contact & inclusion, advocacy support, specialised equipment, and respite care, when families can’t afford it, and when Government assistance is not accessible. 

The Foundation fundraises monies for, and works closely with, a number of disability service organisations that provide services relating to support camps, programs, employment, respite, equipment, training support, social contact and advocacy.

Children with disabilities, share the same spirit of adventure, hopes and dreams, as every other child. The problem is not that they lack the desire; often, all that’s missing is the opportunity.  The Disabled Children’s Foundation is determined to help these children realise their full potential.

At Disabled Children’s Foundation, our vision is to ensure that children with disabilities and their families have the same rights and opportunities to participate in the community.


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