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Help us end schoolyard bullying


THE YARD, an award winning anti-bullying program was created to address the issues of bullying, social exclusion, peer pressure, and resilience in Australian schools.

Our target is to raise $50,000 per year to support this program and ensure its ongoing accessibiility.

Our aim is to reach all Australian school children located in high-risk, low socio economic, regional and remote areas, free of charge.  

After taking part in THE YARD:

- 95% of children said they would not bully someone
- 85% of children felt more resilient against bullying
- 88% learnt how to help those being bullied

'We learnt that we shouldn't bully people because they are different.'
- Talia, age 9

The time to donate is crucial. 
Support The Yard now and help us end schoolyard bullying.

Help Shaun Parker & Company to reach their goal of $50,000

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.