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We Need Your Help


Aardvark Music needs your help.

We don’t ask very often but right now it’s important that we do. 

Now, more than ever, vulnerable young people need a place to feel safe and connected as the full impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on mental health becomes evident. Our young people at Aardvark Music have been greatly affected. The lack of face-to-face connection with our team and their fellow crew members, and reduced opportunities to actively join the music industry, has had a significant impact on their wellbeing. 

As an organisation we have needed to divert resources to adapt to this new environment. We are asking for your help to allow us to increase support for those currently in our care and provide more places for the higher numbers of young people in need in the community.

Research tells us about the incredible benefits of music therapy when working with at-risk young people.  Aardvark Music’s young people report an increased sense of belonging and confidence, transferrable skills and the forging of lifelong friendships.  

Our multi-disciplinary team of music therapists, professional artists and youth workers ensures that the young people at Aardvark Music not only have their health needs met but also have access to incredible skills development opportunities. Most importantly they become part of a community that has their back.  

A small amount can make a huge difference. Your tax-deductible gift can truly be life-changing for those involved. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our wider community and look forward to sharing the incredible musical achievements of our crews with you in the future.

·       $20 - gives a young person access to transport to attend an Aardvark Music session in person.

·       $50 - gives our community the resources and networks to stay connected and collaborate online.

·       $250 - provides paid employment for a visiting artist to share and teach their skills to our young people.

·       $500 - gives one young person the chance to be part of a recording session in a professional music studio -recording their own original songs.

·       $1500 - provides leadership training for Aardvark Alumni to become youth mentors.

·       $2500 - gives one vulnerable young person a place in the Aardvark Sessions Program

·       $10000 - provides funds to professionally record and produce each years Aardvark Sessions album.

·       $10000 - allows Aardvark Music to to employ Alumni in youth support roles within our programs.

·       $20000 - helps fund our registered music therapist.

·       $50,000 - provides participation in The Aardvark Sessions for 20 vulnerable young people.


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