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Aunties and Uncles Queensland Mentoring Program

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Aunties and Uncles Queensland is a non-government agency. We rely on charitable gifts and volunteer support to help us carry out our vital work in the community - helping vulnerable and socially disadvantaged children aged 1-11 living in the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

Our work specifically focuses on the creation and delivery of unique one-to-one mentoring relationships between responsible adult mentors and these children. Mentorships offer children stability, guidance and exposure to new, positive experiences along with providing the support for the development of valuable life skills helping them to reach their full potential and grow into healthy and happy adults. Each mentorship lasts for a minimum of 12 months, with many relationships continuing well beyond this.

Having helped many hundreds of Queensland children since its inception, the program supported over 120 children in the past financial year, alone. Referrals to our program far outweigh the financial resources we have available to meet demand. Not only do we receive self-referrals from families, we also receive referrals from many other community organisations who value the work we do including The Red Cross, The Benevolent Society and ACT for Kids.

Despite its worthwhile and important role, Aunties and Uncles Queensland receives no government funding meaning we need to raise 100% of our operating funds. Currently we have a waiting list, which continues to grow, of children who would benefit from an Aunties and Uncles mentorship but it is challenging to facilitate these given our limited resources.

Your donation WILL make a difference to a young child's life!

Donations received will be used to facilitate new mentorships for the children on our waiting list including recruiting, assessing, inducting and training our volunteers to support them in their very important roles as mentors.

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