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Journey to the Truth: 2018 ABBI Appeal


As with the US and other countries, there is a growing momentum in Australia to see gay conversion therapy banned. Not everyone realises that this will have many challenges, as did the marriage equality debate. The dynamics are very much the same and opposition will come from the same quarters. Anthony Venn-Brown, founder and CEO of ABBI, and pioneer in this field, is devoting three months to travel through the UK and the USA to research, fact-find and network with key individuals and organisations in this area.

Many of you will know also that Anthony has been working on his next book 'The Quest to Cure Queers – Exodus to Nowhere'. During this three months he will also be researching and interviewing people who have additional insights and background. This includes former ex-gay leaders, anti-gay conversion therapy activists and other individuals personally involved since the concept ‘God changes homosexuals’ began in the early 1960s. Some amazing contacts are already booked to be interviewed. The additional depth this research will bring a relevancy and authenticity to the work and make 'The Quest to Cure Queers' one of the important LGBT books on 2019.

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