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Conversion Therapy - the whole story revealed


The rise and fall of conversion therapy (TQTCQ)

This book will be a significant work for several reasons. Firstly the unique insights the author brings being one of the first in the world to experience gay conversion (4 years before Exodus was founded). Secondly, the authors 18 years experience and insights working with survivors of ex-gay/reparative/conversion therapy. It will also be a valuable resource for the push to ban conversion therapy worldwide. And finally, as never told before stories of harm and suicide are revealed, it will be a challenge to the church and anyone who still holds the belief that 'change is possible'.

  • Unique insights. It is commonly believed that religious gay conversion programs began in the US. This is not true.  I was one of the first in the world to go through this in a religious context. I asked myself the question. "Why was I in a program to change my sexual orientation in Australia, four years before Exodus was founded and eight years before a residential program existed in the US?" As I  began to research I found the source of the philosophy. I've joined dots that have never been joined before. Essentially this work will be rewriting history. For the last ten years I have worked strategically to bring an end to ex-gay organisations in Australia. This has required constant monitoring of activities for and against both here and overseas. I was also involved,  behind the scenes with ex-gay survivors and Exodus leadership,  in the closure of Exodus. Attending the final Exodus Conference was a bonus as I witnessed, firsthand, the conclusion of over four decades of devastation in gay, lesbian and transgender lives.
  • Global overview. No one has ever covered this topic from a global perspective before.
  • Timing. Conversion therapy for minors has recently been banned in some US states and there has been talk of it happening here in Australia as well. TQTCQ will be a valuable resource for legislators, health professionals and activists as this spreads throughout the western world.
  • Destroy the ex-gay philosophy still existent in churches. TQTCQ will be more than an historical record. Even though ministries and organisations have declined substantially the fundamental ex-gay philosophy still remains in churches and the minds of many Christian and religious leaders.  Many still believe firstly, that homosexuality is a sin, and secondly that through prayer and faith, God to can do miracles and gay people can become straight. TQTCQ will demonstrate the roots of this philosophy lie in the mental health world of the 50's but was abandoned twenty years later. It was then picked up by the Christian world in the early 70's. Through personal stories of ex-gay survivors gathered over the last fifteen years TQTCQ will expose the enormous damage caused by the 'change is possible' message on individuals mental health and the suicides that have occurred. The average reader will be shocked and horrified and conservative Christians challenged and confronted by the exposure. To make the work not just an historical document but relevant and powerful for today, TQTCQ will conclude with lessons learned over the sixty-year period that cannot be ignored.

Written well and with the right promotion, TQTCQ has the potential to be the go-to book on the subject of conversion therapy.

Over $25,000 funding is required to devote time and resources exclusively to researching, interviewing, writing, editing and finally publishing this work.

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