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GCN Conference January 2017

Good news. I've just been notified that the Gay Christian Network  (GCN) would like me to give two presentations at the upcoming conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the beginning of January.

GCN is the largest organisation of its kind and the annual conference has grown to over 1,500 attendees including LGBTI people, their allies and friends.

This is a wonderful opportunity but funding is immediately required to make it happen.

The sessions I will be presenting are

  1. 'Being an LGBTI Ambassador and Bridge Builder' - sharing 15 years of experience with those who want to be effective advocates
  2. 'Self-esteem, Self-image and Sexual Identity' - for those wanting to experience transformation from years of internalised homophobia, shame and negative conditioning

This is a great opportunity on several levels

  • Share insights and principles learnt in Australia over the last 15 years
  • Network with individuals and organisations in the US doing similar work to ABBI
  • Discover new understandings that will help with our work here

I will be away 10 days leaving just after new years day The budget is $6,750 (including economy airfares, accommodation and additional expenses).

All donors will receive personal regular updates. When I return I'll be organising a special night for those in Sydney to share more in-depth about the trip.

Thank you for your considering this important and strategic endeavour. 

Please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

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