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Lynda Miller spent time volunteering in an orphanage in La Paz, Bolivia, in late 1999 / early 2000. Her time at the orphanage had a huge impact on her and really opened her eyes to the realities of children growing up in desperately under-funded orphanages around the world.

The orphanage Lynda volunteered at is one of many that receive much needed support from Australians Caring For Children Inc; and since her return in 2000 Lynda has been involved in fundraising for this group.

Lynda also desperately needs to lose weight.  On Thursday 10th January she will begin a serious lifestyle change, supported by Ray Kelly, a Sports Physiologist, (trainer of "Adro" from the Biggest Loser!), her family, and a fantastic group of friends and workmates.

Thus, she is looking for people to 'sponsor' her weight loss, with all donations going to assist Australians caring For Children Inc to continue their fantastic work. Sponsors may choose to pledge an amount (e.g. $1 or $2 or more....) per kilo lost; or make a 0ne-off donation. Whilst Lynda's weightloss journey is going to take a significant period of time, she has set the sponsorship period to 20 weeks and is determined to see how much damage she can do the extra kilos she's carrying during that time!

Weigh in will be conducted weekly and Ray Kelly (Ray Kelly Fitness, Cardiff) will keep a record of the weigh-in results for the sake of objectivity and accountability.

So please jump on board and help Lynda help children in orphanages whilst also improving her health!

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