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Adelaide Mbale Children's Health Fund Inc.

Mbale Health Project


The Adelaide Mbale Children's Health Fund (AMCHF) was established in 2007 to support vulnerable children and their families living in Mbale District, Uganda. We are a health promotion charity that delivers health education to rural villages in Mbale District, Uganda. We also support disadvantaged children to reach life saving medical care that ultimately improves their quality of life. We have assisted more than 120 children to date.

The key objectives of the AMCHF are to:

1) To improve the health outcomes for disadvantaged children (0 - 18 years) in Mbale District, Uganda

2) To promote awareness about the critical needs of disadvantaged children living in Mbale District, Uganda, amongst Australian communities.


The AMCHF works at the community level to promote contextually appropriate health promotion messages throughout target communities using local information, education, communication (IEC) materials. We use an empowering approach through sharing knowledge and developing skills for individuals and families to prevent common diseases from occurring.


The AMCHF is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible. All efforts here in Australia are of a voluntary nature with more than 90% of our income directly reaching the people in Mbale. For further interest please visit our website at or email us at

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