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Habitat for Humanity, Victoria

A 'Hand Up' for Jema & Romel


Jema, Romel and their daughter Isla are currently residing in a Housing Department flat in Fitzroy where there is constant exposure to drugs and violence.

Faulty fire alarms in the building cause Jema to sleep with a bag packed in readiness for evacuation from the 20th floor. 

Their living situation has left them stressed, anxious & frightened and they feel that it is not the best place to raise Isla.

Help us provide a place for Jema and Romel where they can raise their daughter and provide her with a healthy, normal life. A place for Isla to have a childhood free from fear, where she can just be a kid.

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Help Habitat for Humanity, Victoria to reach their goal of $120,000

$90,400 raised

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2/128 Canterbury Rd,

(03) 8720 9200

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.