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HIV is a complex and demanding medical condition. Preventing HIV transmission and supporting people living with HIV has always involved a raft of social, cultural, religious, political, legal, geographic and economic challenges.

Australia's response has been characterised by great skill, great resolve and great generousity. Committed and enduring relationships between governments, civil society, the private sector and affected communities have delivered ever-improving care and support for those living with HIV. Consistently effective awareness, education, prevention and research programs have resulted in a country of remarkably low HIV prevalence.

Yet HIV is still here; and as HIV in the Australian community evolves, the relationships that have guided success become more important. Now more people than ever in Australia are living with HIV. There are 21 new diagnoses for HIV every week. 24,000 people now live with HIV in this country. Sector modelling out to 2020 suggests that without increased investment, the prevalence of HIV in Australia will be concerning and in some cases alarming. Needs do not diminish, they change and grow.

We need your support to refresh and reinvigorate commitment to reduce HIV transmission and drive it to zero.

What will happen to these funds?

The AIDS Trust of Australia is a national charity raising funds for the HIV sector. Since 1987 we have distributed over $7m to more than 210 projects relating directly to HIV/AIDS. The work of the sector is diverse, reflecting the needs of individual communities throughout the country. As well as augmenting existing projects that deliver care and support to those living with HIV, these days we work on national projects, delivered by our Members in each State and Territory, that address emerging concerns in HIV transmission and are prevention focused. Your gift to our Annual Appeal continues this work. Thank you.

Key areas of Expenditure

  • Care and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS in each State and Territory.
  • HIV prevention programs for key at-risk groups in each State and Territory.
  • National HIV related programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in culturally relevant settings.
  • Development of programs relating to increased HIV transmission risks through increased mobility both for work and leisure.
  • Development of programs relating to increased HIV transmission risks through isolation among rural and regional youth. Development of programs relating to changes in care and support for those aging with HIV.


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