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Aliamos Ltd

Aliamos 100% Charity Total Compassion

Aliamos is here to provide empowerment - not aid, for highly vulnerable and at risk people in our community. Those we empower may be homeless, hungry, without income, without residency, often without hope. Aliamos relies solely on donations from individuals, companies and on its various fundraising activities, in order to provide empowerment opportunities directly to vulnerable people.

How will funds be used?

100% of donations to Aliamos go directly to the recipient. Unless specified by you, NO proportion of public funds is spent on administration of Aliamos. We are completely volunteer run and survive on a culture of giving. 1. Last year, our first year of operation, 1,400 children in Uganda DIRECTLY benefiting from access to safe drinking water alongside an education in growing food for themselves. These children no longer have a need to be hungry all day. In the next 2 years this project will reach over 150 schools and over 100,000 hungry children. 2. At least 1,000 marginalized and disenfranchised Lahu (Thailand) people have a reliable source of income growth through buffalo breeding. 3. Liberian refugees sharing a vision of peace immediately prior to the Ghana government forcing them to walk back to their country and into untold suffering. This support and vision of peace may be the only thing these people have to hang onto during their journey when all else may be stripped from them. 4. 15-20 widows caring for over 100 children, many of them orphans, now are organised and have a community resource including knowledge, money, and livestock and are empowered to share and support each other ... directly improving the lives of this most vulnerable group of people. 5. A health care facility constructed in Uganda, to prevent people dying from easily preventable infections and diseases, and provide education on nutrition, family planning and STDs. If you would like to be empowered as a volunteer director, coordinator, fundraiser, or general support we have opportunities in auditing, marketing, fundraising, grant writing, data base and web design, and project management. We offer free training for volunteers willing to make a commitment to the empowerment of others. Contact

Key Areas of Expenditure

Our mission is to make ourselves redundant through empowerment with the goal of self-sufficient and sustainable projects in -
  • Portable water supplies and sanitation
  • Food production and supply security
    Education facilities and services
  • Health facilities and services
  • Local ethical business ventures that expand local economies
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    26 Cromarty St
    KENMORE QLD, 4069

    Are donations tax deductible?


    Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

    Yes, when Aliamos Ltd is able