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Like diamonds ... plastics are forever

Throughout the world, millions of turtles, marine mammals and sea birds are killed every year by a silent killer. The predator is plastic and it's floating in an ocean near you.

We've all seen plastic bottles in our creeks, bays and harbours, or uncovered a grocery bag in the sand at the beach. These small scattered incidents seem minor on their own, but they're adding up to one big problem for our oceans.

But together you and I can combat this predator and give our precious ocean wildlife a chance. Your donation to our Stop Plastic Pollution Summer Appeal will make a direct difference.

It'd hard to believe millions of tonnes of rubbish enter the world's oceans each year. Unlike naturally-based paper or glass, plastic never truly goes away; it just breaks down into smaller pieces. That means that every piece of plastic you and I have ever used is still around today.

This is where you come in, because this is a global problem, with a truly local solution. Your donation to our Stop Plastic Pollution Summer Appeal will directly help rescue turtles and sea birds that are entangled or have gutfuls of plastic. It will help clean up some of the worse affected areas of our coastline, above and beneath the waves and help educate people about plastic pollution in our oceans.

How you can help

  •  $16 can provide protective gloves for 10 beach-clean volunteers
  •  $50 can supply a 'bean bag' and harness for safe, secure transport of rescued turtles
  •  $100 can fuel a dive boat with a team of volunteer underwater rubbish clean up divers
  •  $215 can provide a pelican sized soft cage for transporting injured, oiled or entangled sea birds

Contact Details

P.O. Box 5815

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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