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Australian Rare Chromosome Awareness Network

Our main activities are supporting child sufferers of Rare Chromosome Disorders by running public awareness campaigns for these disorders. These activities also include the education of parents of seriously ill children who may be suffering from stress-related illnesses that may arise from their long-term care responsibilities. We are providing information to the parents on recognising the onset of stress-related illnesses, provision of professional counselling on coping with stress and depression; for parents who are at risk. We will also offer referrals to organisations that treat particular stress-related illnesses or support groups that can be of benefit.
  1. Organising Awareness days that relate directly to Rare Chromosome Disorders and associated conditions
  2. Collaboration in creation of awareness leaflets/brochures and information sheets to be distributed on awareness days and prior to the event
  3. Distribution of said documents to relevant medical professionals, schools, and other organisations involved in the assistance of those with rare chromosome disorders.
  4. Facilitate meetings of professional counsellors and families who require assistance

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