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Artback NT is a dynamic organisation bringing together Northern Territory artists with presenters seeking authentic arts and cultural experiences for their audiences and communities. We are the gateway to sharing the rich cultures, stories and art of the Territory with Australia and the rest of the world.

We ignite sparks in a creative Northern Territory. We develop, produce, curate and present ambitious, professional and energetic work to and from some of Australia’s most remote locations. From visual arts to performing arts, music, traditional and contemporary dance, we recognise the importance of identity, connection to culture and the intrinsic value of arts and culture to community health and wellbeing. Deep connections with communities inform our approach to arts and cultural development.

We activate creative participation, revealing an entire new world for regional, remote and very remote communities who are often left off the touring map. In 2016, we travelled over 271,500 kilometres delivering 79 arts activities across 80 locations, reaching audiences of over 59,000 nationally and internationally. The organisation presented 136 workshops and facilitated 82 school events, while employing a total of 164 Indigenous artists and arts workers. Since 1996, Artback NT has reached audiences of over 2.47 million.

From the Tiwi Island footy club to the National Gallery of Australia, we reach into every corner of this country. We provide communities and artists with new ways to share their stories, build respect for their work and, in turn, generate lasting positive community impact.

We are the conduit for local, national and international audiences who are seeking work that provides access into the talent and passion of an Australia far beyond the highway.

We want to continue delivering art to and from remote and regional areas; linking communities, empowering artists and presenting quality cultural experiences while providing training and employment outcomes. We can't do it without your support and invite you to join us in achieving a sustainable, creative and inclusive future.

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