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Aspergers Victoria Inc. is a registered health promotion charity providing information and support to those living with Asperger Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Conditions.

Why we are needed:

While part of the Autism Spectrum, individuals with Asperger Syndrome have an intellectual capacity within the normal range and a distinct profile of abilities but individuals with AS often experience difficulties with social interaction, restrictive and repetitive patterns of behaviour and interests and difficulty finding employment. Although anxiety and depression are not part of the diagnostic criteria, individuals with AS are at a greater risk of an anxiety disorder or clinical depression and have higher suicide risk.

As the only dedicated not for profit organisation in Melbourne that provides essential support to people diagnosed with AS (and their families, carers and allied health teams) our mission is to value individuals and families living with AS and provide support needed to develop knowledge, skills and systems to enhance lives, and influence community views.

What we do to help:

We provide over a dozen support and social groups each month for adults, young adults, teens, girls and boys with Aspergers, parents and carers, siblings and partners at multiple locations. Our regular seminars and workshops, email and phone helpline, quarterly newsletter, comprehensive website, social media forums, library resources, new members information kit and fact sheets are great ways we keep our members informed of current events, research and happenings in the Aspergers Community.

We rely on donations and memberships to undertake our important work as a volunteer run organization - but we need more to do more and build our capacity to offer improved outcomes for our members.

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