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Thank you for giving to ATYP's Scholarship Fund through ATYP's 2018 Christmas Appeal.

Christmas presents come in many different shapes, sizes and guises. And the best present is the surprise that you never knew you wanted until it’s in front of you. This Christmas, we invite you to spread a little cheer to some very special young people. 

With the help from our community of supporters, each year ATYP is able to offer over 100 scholarships to young people facing social and financial hardship. These scholarships also assist those in our community who have geographical challenges in reaching our classes.

The best thing about drama is that you only need an imagination to create a fantastical world. For some of our young people, their reality outside the rehearsal room is vastly different. For our scholarship recipients, attending workshops means an escape, a chance for play and for learning. To keep these imaginations running the young people we work with need lunch and transport costs to fuel their bodies and transport their minds.  
We understand the difference that participating in drama makes in our young scholarship recipients, and we've recently learnt just how important creative expression is for young people who face or have faced trauma*. By embodying a new character through drama, these young people create neuron pathways in the brain that actually helps them to see their world differently and better able to problem solve.

This Christmas we are aiming to raise over $5,700 for 15 more scholarship places valued at $380 per person in 2019. Please consider helping ATYP bring more young people to our weekly and school holiday Drama Workshops. Your gift will be a welcome surprise for a young person who will be given the opportunity for personal growth through the joy of drama and a love of theatre.   

We are motivated to improve access for all young Australians to participate in the world of theatre, regardless of economic or geographic barriers. ATYP partners with the GIRLS & BOYS BRIGADE, BARNARDOS AUSTRALIA, ASYLUM SEEKERS CENTRE and other charities to help identify young people who would benefit most from receiving a scholarship.

We’re looking for Christmas angels - will you be one?

 Suggested donation levels:

  • $30 one week of lunches for a holiday workshop participant in need
  • $150 travel allowances for 10 workshop recipients for a holiday workshop
  • $380 places 1 child in a drama workshop
  • $760 places 2 children in drama workshops
  • $1,140 places 3 children in drama workshops

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