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Australian Theatre for Young People

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ATYP strives to offer opportunities for young Australians from diverse backgrounds to participate in theatre. Our innovative, challenging, high quality drama workshops are transforming young lives; many past scholarship recipients have gone on to establish fantastic careers in the film and television industry.

We are motivated to improve access for all young Australians to participate in the world of theatre, regardless of economic or geographic barriers. ATYP partners with the GIRLS & BOYS BRIGADE, BARNARDOS AUSTRALIA and other charities to help identify young people who would benefit most from receiving a scholarship.

Young people are encouraged to explore their creativity in a nurturing environment. These young people readily make more made friends, improve their social skills, have fun learning, and find acceptance!

ATYP aims to allocate 10% of all holiday and semester-long ensemble workshop places as scholarships to young people at risk or in difficult circumstances; young people who would not otherwise have access to the performing arts. In 2017 ATYP was able to provide around 7% of all places, so we need your help for us to reach our goal of 10%.

From as little as $380 you can ensure a child can look forward to a drama workshop and enjoy school holidays as most other children do. They not only acquire some useful life skills, but drama workshops broaden horizons and enable recipients to make friends and have some fun.

Suggested donation levels:

$30 one week of lunches for a holiday workshop participant in need
$150 travel allowances for 10 workshop recipients for a holiday workshop
$380 places 1 child in a drama workshop
$760 places 2 children in drama workshops
$1,140 places 3 children in drama workshops


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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.