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2017 End of Financial Year Appeal

You have always been an important part of our Aunties & Uncles community and I thank you for your personal contribution over our 25-year history.  Your generosity has given many socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children the opportunity to reach their potential by accessing a mentor who can positivity impact their lives.


The influence the program has on a child's life is significant.  It helps improve their self-esteem and confidence and expands their interests and skills to positively influence their identity.  Aunties & uncles provide emotional and practical support, role model positive behaviours, and help the child develop new skills in an expanded social network and family identity.

The mother of a seven-year-old boy, James, describes how her son communicates how he feels about his Auntie:


"He loves her, yes, she's like his best friend. When she drops him off, he's like, 'I love (her), she's the best Auntie in the world'...He just thinks she is a beautiful person, she actually listens to him and talks to him."


Mentors have a profound and long lasting impact on the children in the program.  Your donation will help place more disadvantaged children with an aunty or uncle. The demand is high and we are still stretched.  We have many children at-risk on our waitlist.  They will remain on the list unless funds are raised this tax time.


Importantly, for children and parents with a history of domestic violence and substance abuse, role modeling based on a respectful relationship with a mentor is life changing.  


Please take a moment and put yourself in the position of Ayla's mum. I would like to draw your attention to the power of when she talks about what she thinks the impact of Ayla's exposure to the relationship of her mentors means to her daughter's young life:


"(Ayla) hasn't seen a lot of people like her Auntie and Uncle...She hasn't really seen a lot of successful marriages...How a good guy can respect a woman...A lot of people I know are divorced or single...It is a positive thing for her to be able to see and be part of... She probably realises that it is out there now. If you make the right choices and you value yourself, from a young age, pretty much make the right choices, that you can be successful and happy."


We are committed to raising $50, 000 of much needed funds this tax-time.  This means your contribution is tax-deductible and will be put to the immediate for families in our program.  


Our children are our future and together we can make a difference.


Can we count on you to help?  Will you help more children like James & Ayla by making a donation of $50 or even an exceptional gift of $100 or more to Aunties & Uncles Queensland?


More information on the Aunties and Uncles program can be found at or by contacting us on 07 3367 8002 or at


Your donation truly opens up a new world of opportunity for the children and families on the Aunties and Uncles mentoring journey. On behalf of the many people who will be impacted by your generosity, thank you.


With my warmest wishes,


Suzanne Rose




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