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Supporting Australia21 is a unique way to help shape the future. We are an independent, not for profit think tank promoting fair, sustainable and inclusive public policy through evidence-based research. We bring together the nation's best thinkers, researchers and policy makers to tackle real-world social issues and environmental problems that defy simple solutions.

Innovative public policy research - Tackling problems that defy simple solutions - Finding answers based on real evidence - Crossing political divides - Thinking outside the square

How will your donation be used?

Donations will be used to support our projects, including:

  • helping lead an evidence-based national debate on alternatives to the prohibition of illicit drugs in Australia;
  • establishing the Mindful Futures Network, a venture that will provide a national space to map and develop the application of mindfulness, empathy and compassion at a systems level, particularly to improve the health and proficiency of Australia's public and private organisations;
  • 'Making our Future work', a project where we'll seek to add to the research base by talking directly to young people about how they feel about the future and work, to provide insight for policy makers across a range of policy areas;
  • facilitating a national discussion about how to better respond to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in our front line emergency responders;
  • engaging with young people about drugs and drug policy, including developing a 'Smarter About Drugs' conversation pack and supporting the pilot of a drug awareness education program;
  • launching the report from our roundtable on the potential for algal farming to contribute to food and fuel security;
  • 'Imagining Equality', a project to canvass possible solutions to growing inequality in Australia; and
  • making the findings of our work more accessible and encouraging public conversation on the challenges Australia faces.

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Southwest Wing 1 Hilder Street

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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