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Avon Youth Community and Family Services Inc

Youth & Homelessness Support Services

We are here to speak for the voiceless because every kid matters. Creating a safe and neutral space for young people through various programs such as Drop in, School holiday programmes and the connected learning centre. We also help with accommodation and support for young people and families at risk of homelessness.

Why do we need your help?

Disadvantaged and marginalised young people are the most forgotten of all Australians. Young people have no vote, often no voice and only figure in the average consciousness of the consumer as a Crime Stoppers video. Wearing a hoodie and menacing expression, we think of them only as someone to be locked up or avoided at the Shopping centre. We forget, these are our neighbours, our sons, granddaughters, cousins, nieces and grand nephews. Under educated and over represented in the courts, and statistics for all the indicators of disadvantage; we forget that for children and young people these are not life style choices. These living conditions are imposed on them by adults who have their own problems and they grow up not knowing that anything can be different. Please help Avon Youth raise funds to keep providing intervention, education and health programmes for these kids and help them find their own place.

Why us?

  • Governments don't do these things well. They try to but spending tax payer's money on things that don't have a beginning, middle and an end or easily measurable outcomes is a bad bet for them. (We know that kids that engage with our type of service have better long term outcomes but it's hard to measure)
  • Lead time for targeted programmes are too long with normal government processes. Being smaller we are more nimble and able to work with the unattractive reality.
  • We know the kids, we know what they need and we know where and how they live. Being local we can really provide local solutions.
  • We provide assistance and support to young people, not because they are deserving, not because they look pretty on a brochure and not because it will get us noticed. We help them because they matter.

What we will do with your help:

  • Fund programmes across the Wheatbelt for young people aged 12-25
  • Provide housing and housing support for these and others at risk of homelessness
  • Provide educational support programmes for students who don't thrive or attend school much and help them re-engage with learning for life
  • Improve access to health and mental health services
  • Provide opportunities for interactions that show they have value. People without hope don't change.
Currently 100% of our funding comes from, increasingly at risk, government funding or one off grants. With your help we hope to increase the safety net so we can continue to provide our services, increase the number of services and offer support to other regional providers.

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.