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BABI No Roof No Future Appeal

BABI faces serious financial pressure. Government funding cannot keep pace with the cost of providing key human services in the growing Wynnum/Redlands community. Our Homelessness Program is struggling to cover costs. Despite the desperate circumstances of many of our clients, we have no funds to employ a dedicated full-time counsellor. We'd love to extend the scope of assistance we provide, but we simply don't have the funds to meet the growing demand for our services. We do what we can - and more - but too often we are forced to turn away young people and families in need. That's heartbreaking.

How will the funds be used?

Our most pressing need is to bridge the gap between Government funding and the real cost of providing our programs. We need to raise money to adequately fund these vital services for young people and families in the local community:

  • Homelessness Program
    How can anyone plan a future without a roof over their head? The Homelessness Program offers supported accommodation, information, advice, referral, counselling and mediation for 15 to 21 year olds who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. One of our houses is reserved for homeless high school and TAFE students wishing to complete their education. BABI accommodates up to 30 young people (including children of young parents) at any given time. Government funding for this program does not meet operational costs, and certainly does not cover the cost of building maintenance, furniture and whitegoods. Your donation will help us bridge the gap.

  • Life Skills Program
    Young people accommodated by BABI receive training in the real world skills and knowledge that, under normal circumstances, would be learned within the family. These are the essential skills that underpin independent living, such as cooking, cleaning, budgeting, shopping and study skills, understanding the balance between rights and responsibilities, and social skills. This program is funded solely by donations.

  • Family Support Program
    Most people agree parenting is the hardest job of all. Can you imagine what it's like for a 16 year old with no family support? The Family Support Program offers an outreach service to young parents accommodated by BABI. The service incorporates counselling and support, parent education, advocacy and referral. The program also offers counselling, support, advocacy and referral services to the families of adolescents.

  • Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers
    This legendary program has been provided by BABI since 1986 and is always extremely popular - because it works. Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers offers sound, practical strategies for strengthening parent/child relationships and surviving (and enjoying!) the challenging teenage years. At a community level, it's an important tool in the prevention of youth homelessness. Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers tackles serious issues in a fun and friendly way, and is open to all parents, foster parents and grandparents. This program is funded solely by donation and participant contributions.

  • Youth Support Program
    What would your future be like if your family life was just too chaotic to stay at school? Early school leavers face serious long term disadvantage in terms of career development, capacity to complete further education and training, and other opportunities to progress and participate in community life. The Youth Support Program provides information, referral and support for students who are risk of leaving school early or at risk of homelessness. Your donation could help extend this important support program to more young people in need.

  • Youth Justice Program
    What's the future for a 12 year old who spends Summer holidays in "juvie" (youth detention) and considers it an improvement on home? Early intervention is the key to reducing juvenile crime. The Youth Justice Program engages in counselling, support and group work with 10-17 year olds who are offenders or at risk of participating in offending behaviour, and their families. The Youth Justice Program works very closely with the Juvenile Aid Bureau, and has been instrumental in reducing the incidence of graffiti through the Graffiti Task Force. With your help this program could assist many more young people at risk of offending.

Key Areas of Expenditure

employing a generalist adolescent counsellor to assist the many young people and families who come to us seeking personal support and counselling;
for our Homelessness Program: life skills training, building maintenance, furniture, whitegoods, and basic educational supplies and services for young people accommodated in our Student House; and
expansion of our Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers program.

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34 Bay Terrace

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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