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Ballan District Health & Care

Ballan District Health & Care


Community giving created Ballan District Health & Care – a modern, integrated healthcare service. Together, we can continue to thrive by investing in our community through giving

Ballan District Health & Care – located between Melbourne and Ballarat along the Western Highway – is a rural healthcare provider to the residents of Ballan and surrounding Districts.

Employing more than 180 people and supported by more than 80 volunteers, Ballan District Health & Care provides an integrated single-site model of care: offering primary healthcare, hospital care, aged care, rehabilitation services, welfare and wellness services.

Ballan District Health & Care commenced operations in 1966 as a six-bed Soldiers’ Memorial Bush Nursing Hospital. The hospital opening represented a significant community achievement. Many local people had made the Ballan Hospital their life’s work.

Ballan District Health & Care remains a Soldiers’ Memorial Bush Nursing Hospital, is owned by the community through the Ballan Hospital Association and is a registered charity.

Many local people, including staff members and volunteers, continue to make the organisation their life’s work: to the benefit of the people of Ballan and surrounding Districts.

Your support will enable us to proceed with:

  • Specific redevelopment projects that will expand and improve our facility
  • Purchase medical equipment for the benefit of patients and our community
  • Enable us to provide special needs and improved quality of life programs

Committed to providing the highest quality level of care for the entire district, Ballan District Health & Care is a registered charity with DGR status and can receive tax deductable gifts.


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