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Phillip Adams BalletLab is a leading contemporary dance company based in Melbourne. We work collaboratively with interdisciplinary artists to create and deliver artistic works and programs of excellence, including education and support for students, emerging dancers, choreographers and artists. Since establishing in 1998, PABL has toured widely, performing in Australia, North and South America and Asia. We have undertaken residencies in leading art centres in Germany, Canada, Mexico, USA, Croatia, Luxembourg and Turkey.

Since launching with Amplification (1999) through to the recent solo artist performance encounter After (2015), PABL have demonstrated a fearless trajectory, radically exploiting tradition to stimulate new dance and performance languages between art-forms.

A critical part of our success in the last ten years has been the generous philanthropic support by individual donors to enable our vision and achieve our important projects including education and support for other artists. It remains a core driver for our future success.

In late 2016, we embark on our biggest project to date and the next iteration of PABL’s work, the establishment of new company headquarters and studios at South Melbourne’s historic Temperance Hall. This not only consolidates our legacy but expands capacity in Melbourne, offering to the community a new dynamic space for creation, participation and spectatorship.

Temperance Hall will be a leading interdisciplinary space for contemporary arts practice where the body is central; a site for engagement with leading proponents of ideas and art forms from Australia and the world, with profound effect.

Temperance Hall includes a main hall, two smaller studios and a residential apartment, supporting our work and the work of many independent dance and contemporary artists into the future.


Consider making a donation to Phillip Adams BalletLab today.

Join a contemporary dialogue about dance and art where the body is central.

Accelerate and transform our future.

Your support will propel the creation and presentation of some of the most fascinating performance and art being made in Australia today and help establish our dynamic new interdisciplinary art space that will be dedicated to this.


In 2016, we need your urgent support to help with:

  • Development of a new dance and live music work EVER, to premiere in 2017 with Melbourne Chamber Orchestra to the masterful scores, Shaker Loops by John Adams (1978) and Richard Strauss’ (1945) Metamorphosen. MCO’s flagship strings ensemble the Australian Octet will play live alongside five incredible contemporary dancers who range from emerging to leading figures in Australian dance.  EVER is a collaboration with esteemed fashion designer Akira Isogawa, Architects Room 11 and Lighting Designer Benjamin CisterneEVER forges new creative relationships to investigate choreography and live composition with themes of permutation, transformation and infinity. It will be a beautiful and arresting work of scale, with strong artistic and production values suitable for audiences at festivals and venues of 250-800 seats, to ignite a maelstrom of new conversations of appeal to both dance and music lovers. Your donation today will enable its ongoing development and the employment of the artists involved.
  • New education initiative Shaker Maker offering secondary students from Years 9-12 an engaging workshop/masterclass program that aligns with Yr 11 /12 VCE and VET curricula, to be delivered into schools across Victoria from late 2016. Your donation now will help us run a pilot program beginning this October and from May 2017, to deliver Shaker Maker throughout Victoria with an emphasis, to continue furthering relationships with participating schools over the following three years.
  • We urgently seek your donation to help us establish Temperance Hall with donations directly contributing to the costs of painting the internal spaces, installing a new dance floor in the main hall and the purchase of custom sound and lighting equipment to make this a new, vital and distinct interdisciplinary arts hub in the City of Port Phillip. This is a space for and led by artists. With a dedicated home base, Temperance Hall, we have a real opportunity to grow and support contemporary arts in Victoria for future years.


Can you help us to accelerate these projects?

Come on an artistic journey like no other. Our supporters are a treasured network of stakeholders who are invited to unique events, meet our artists and receive our latest news.


Can I make regular or monthly donations?
Yes, we really would appreciate that so much!

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Yes, you can and we are happy to talk further about your interests at any time.

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