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As the festive season draws 2019 to a close it is great to reflect on the year that was and consider what is ahead for next year. We have a way you can start your 2020 in a positive way, by making someone else’s 2019 amazing, with the Gift of Giving.

Bayley House has been an integral part of the Bayside Community for nearly 70 years, providing services for over 220 adults. Some of our clients have been here for over 50 years. The point of difference for us is our community. We are proud to be supported by the Bayley House Family and Friends, our Residential Raisers and the ever-supportive Bayley Birds, as well as many individuals, local businesses and other supporters; many of whom have been part of Bayley House for decades.  

Community is at the core of who we are and what we provide. Join us, if you are not already, in being part of that supportive community through your Gift of Giving.

A lot has changed over the past 70 years but one thing has remained consistent; the generosity of our supporters. This generosity is an inspiration to our community but most importantly to the clients who attend Bayley House.

Giving a Gift to Bayley House is a different experience because of what it means to our clients. Knowing that they have the support of their wider community provides a sense of belonging that is genuinely powerful. Your gift has much more than a monetary value attached to it.

Bayley House specialises in providing a high level of service supporting adults with intellectual disability to live a full, engaged life of their choosing. People with intellectual disability face many challenges in life but at Bayley House we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service for our clients, and creating an environment where everyone is given the opportunity to live their life to the fullest and to aspire to be a part of their community. 

Your Gift of Giving will ensure that our clients’ end of 2019 is amazing, but more important still, that the beginning of their 2020 is even better. Our Gift of Giving campaign is now underway.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

We wish you a happy and safe festive season and fantastic year ahead in 2020.


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