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A-Z of Causes

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Cosmos Inc.

Disability Services

Cosmos offers learning and leisure opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.  Running over 150 activities a week, we meet the individual goals for people through our diverse program


Fundraising Appeal

COTA NSW is the voice of seniors over 50. Donations to COTA (NSW) will help us provide the vital information, advice and services that he...



Working towards an equitable, just and inclusive society in which older people can flourish.

Cottage By The Sea, Queenscliff Inc

Cottage by the Sea Appeal

To provide short-term relief care in a holiday environment for children in need. Cottage by the sea aims to support and help children whose...

Council for Jewish Community Security

Community Security Group

The CSG is a not for profit Jewish security group. CSG plays a vital protection role in keeping the Victorian Jewish community safe.

Council of Churches of WA

Council of Churches of WA Ecumenical Appeal

To promote the unity of churches in Western Australia as we work together on common projects...

Sustainable September

To support the planning and organising of this annual, month long festival of sustainability in Western Australia...

Council of Single Mothers and their Children

Don't let our kids miss Christmas!

For some single mother families, Christmas is a time of few presents or fun activities. Help us create a festive celebration for our amazing single mums and their kids.

Provide a safety net for single mother families

'No matter how carefully I budget, there isn't always enough money for food, school costs and unexpected expenses.' Help provide a safety net for single mother families.

Country Education Foundation of Australia

Country Education Foundation

The Country Education Foundation (CEF) supports rural and regional school leavers to achieve their further education, training and career goals.