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Canine Helpers for the Disabled Inc

Assistance Dogs Support Appeal

Canine Helpers trains assistance dogs for people with a disability. These amazing dogs are trained to alleviate the effects of their handler's disability, to increase mobility, independence and quality of life and to provide more independent access to public areas.

The types of assistance dogs trained include service dogs for people with a physical disability, hearing dogs for people with a hearing impairment, therapy dogs for people with an intellectual or psychological disability, and facility dogs to work full time in hospitals, special schools or aged care facilities. Handlers and their canine helpers are trained to complete the Public Access Test that qualifies them to take their dogs in public, a requirement under Queensland legislation.

We need to raise $3000 per month in regular donated income to continue providing these incredible dogs. At present Canine Helpers for the Disabled do not receive any government funding. A band of volunteers and their canine helpers hold regular shopping centre displays where donations are accepted and merchandise sold to the public and larger donations are sought from community organisations.

To recoup some costs Canine Helpers currently charge fees for:
  • Handler team training - approx $375 per person
  • Private Certification training and assessment - approx $650.00

How will these donated funds be used?

Canine Helpers will use the funds donated to support the operation of our organisation, so that we can continue to train assistance dogs (which will take between 60 and 120 hours). In addition to the specific costs of training each dog, such as food, bedding and veterinary care, Canine Helpers also has to support our overhead costs so that we can keep operating.

Key Areas of Operational Expenditure:

  • Equipment and training costs are between $7500 and $15,000
  • Annual maintenance costs are from $2000
  • Other costs include the following general running costs of the organisation
Assistance Dogs in training; food, bedding, veterinary care, etc.

Important customer service needs, such as telephone, postage and printing costs.

Vital overhead costs, such as development of dog training skills, insurance, equipment and vehicle maintenance.

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