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March 2017 Advocacy in Action Appeal

Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees (C.A.R.A.D) Other Causes...

We are three months into 2017, and it has already been a challenging year for the rights of asylum seekers, refugees and detainees around the world. As an active supporter of the Centre for Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Detainees (CARAD) you have been part of a community of people striving to empower these individuals here in Western Australia. You have helped CARAD remain an independent advocate speaking for and supporting asylum seekers who are most in need and in particular for those who may not have work, Medicare or Centrelink rights and are not eligible for other support services.

They only have CARAD, and CARAD relies on the generosity of people like you.

Those already donating to CARAD are making a difference by allowing CARAD to touch the lives of individuals such as Ahmed (not his real name). A mature, proud Afghan man, Ahmed has had a tough road in life. He is a member of the Hazara ethnic minority group and was a target of discrimination in Afghanistan. Ahmed has no formal education, instead, he spent his time working on his father's farm and later as a shopkeeper. A family man, Ahmed has a wife and four children. But his family was sadly marked by loss and tragedy during their harrowing journey to seek safety.

CARAD became involved with Ahmed, while he was in immigration detention, to support his application for a Protection Visa. CARAD volunteers linked him to legal services who were able to take into account his complex situation and assist him to complete and lodge the visa application. From there, CARAD case workers began advocating for his release from detention. The process was long and stressful, but through regular social visits, CARAD supported Ahmed, who was understandably withdrawn and quiet upon initial meeting, but soon began to connect with the CARAD community of volunteers.

Eventually, Ahmed's release into the Perth community on a Bridging Visa was secured! Moving to a new country can be disorienting for the most seasoned of travellers, but it was even more daunting for Ahmed, and CARAD was there for him every step of the way. Our volunteers helped him get acquainted with the city and the CARAD Case Management Program provided him with fresh food, clothing, toiletries and other essentials to get him on his feet. CARAD helped him find affordable accommodation, enrol in English classes and connect to local services.

We are extremely happy that Ahmed now has a five-year visa to stay in Australia. His bond with CARAD is still as strong; lacking family in Australia, CARAD has become like a family to him and we are very proud to have him. Ahmed was delighted to share with his CARAD family his Certificate for Completion from his English class, his first ever educational achievement. We are incredibly proud of how far Ahmed has come, and we are equally proud of the whole CARAD community for standing by him along the way and in years to come.

CARAD is a 'community' protecting and advocating for the rights of asylum seekers and is also a platform which, through our Case Management Program, provides essential welfare to asylum seekers to help them build their new lives in Australia. However, we do not receive any funding to cover our operational expenses for the Case Management Program, and this is why we need people like you. We need your help!

CARAD is receiving more referrals than ever for Case Management support. Will you help us to make sure we can continue to provide these vital services to all asylum seekers in need?

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