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By donating to the Feline Rehabilitation Centre fund you are giving sick, injured and special needs cats the opportunity to heal, flourish and find loving forever homes - a gift they would not receive elsewhere.

The Cat Protection Society of NSW has been at the forefront of feline care since 1958. We led the way with early-age desexing and we're Sydney´s first (and only) no-kill cat shelter. In addition to our everyday services which include finding loving homes for cats in need; providing support to the community through advice on feline welfare, health and behaviour; and offering discount desexing programs, we provide specialised care to cats.

A member of International Cat Care, we´re devoted to best-practice feline care and shelter medicine, and we invite you to help us reach the next level of outstanding feline care.

How will the funds be used?

As a no-kill shelter, we look after cats until they find their forever homes. If one of our cats needs surgery or has special health needs, we will pay the veterinary costs needed to treat the cat. Some of our rescue cats come from situations which mean they need rehabilitation, which can take some time.
Cats are highly sensitive animals. Admission to a shelter means coming into a strange multi-cat environment and often for reasons that are also stressful for the cat, such as separation from a person they loved, or having been a victim of cruelty or neglect.
Stress triggers the production of the hormone cortisol, which is a good thing in a `fight or flight´ situation but harmful for longer periods. Stress lowers the immune response and makes cats more susceptible to illness and infection.
Infection control and stress reduction are equal partners in shelter medicine, and both need space to work effectively. We have a qualified and passionate care team in our staff, veterinary network and volunteers; we just need more room.

With proceeds from the Rehabilitation Centre Fund we will purchase a building to house a dedicated feline rehabilitation centre with all the features of a best-practice clinic and all the comforts of a home. This will provide sick, injured and special needs cats with a comfortable, healing environment which will improve recovery times and allow them to find forever homes sooner, which will in turn allow us to care for a greater number of cats in need.

Your donation will ensure Cat Protection continues to lead the way in compassionate and quality feline care. Together we can we build a better future for cats.

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.