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Why sponsor a teacher?

Being a teacher in Afghanistan is one of the most responsible occupations you could find. Sadly, teachers do not get the support they should receive. Teachers' salaries are so low that many teachers have second jobs and often do not even come to school. Many lack the most basic education and are ill equipped even to provide teaching at primary school level.

The students at OPAWC's Vocational Training Centre are extremely fortunate to have the most dedicated and well trained teachers, who not only instruct them in reading and writing but also offer English and computer classes, delivering skills necessary to find a job. And they do that for the small salary OPAWC can afford from the funds received from SAWA (SA). Sponsoring one of these teachers will give them the security that their salaries will be guaranteed, no matter how SAWA (SA)'s funding for the Centre will develop in the future.

Other skills taught at the Centre cover sewing and embroidery, from which many women already built a solid income base for their families. OPAWC is fortunate to have highly trained instructors for these activities. Sponsoring one of the sewing and embroidery teachers will gurantee that this training continues.

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