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University scholarships for girls

More than half the population of Afghanistan is under 18 years of age. Giving the younger generation the opportunity to gain an education that leads to responsible positions in society is the best way to help Afghanistan out of its desperate situation. It is also most satisfying, as it offers the opportunity to watch a young person grow in stature and self-confidence and share a path into adulthood.

In Afghanistan AFCECO, the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization, has educated girls and boys in its orphanages since 2004. Several have now finished high school and enter the university to take up studies of law, medicine, education or engineering. All come from poor families who could have never afforded to send their children to school, not to mention university..

It is vital that students obtain their education in Afghanistan rather than abroad. 80% of scholarship recipients from Afghanistan who go to other countries to study remain in their host country, and Afghanistan cannot afford to continue exporting its human resource.

Sponsoring a student from one of AFCECO's orphanages brings many rewards. The personal relationship with a sponsored student brings joy and a sense of certainty that one truly makes a difference in a life. Sharing letters and photos brings sponsors and their students closer and closer over time; sponsors can see them learn, grow, and change as the years pass and share their own life and family with them.

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