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Child Abuse Prevention Service

Child Abuse Prevention Service


The Child Abuse Prevention Service (CAPS). We believe prevention is better than a cure. Our programs are committed to enhancing family connectedness, improving child wellbeing and resilience.

Enhancing family connectedness, resilience and child wellbeing goes a long way toward improving our society and making a safer future for all Australians.  Education before abuse not only prevents it from happening, it also stops the reoccurrence and repeated abuse if it does occur.  

Help us, help you protect your children!

The need:

International research indicates that children are vulnerable to abuse and harm, but that children with special needs and children living in remote locations, particularly Indigenous children, are especially vulnerable. For example, US and Canadian studies indicate Senn (1988) reported approximately 69% of girls and 30% of boys with intellectual disabilities may experience sexual abuse before the age of 18 years. Hard (1986) found that 68% of intellectually disabled girls had been sexually abused by the age of 18 years.

The evidence is undisputed; Numerous Australian inquiries, such as the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse and the Northern Territory Board of Inquiry into the Sexual Abuse of Children (“Little Children Are Sacred” report) have also highlighted the particular vulnerability of Indigenous children and children living in remote locations.  Indigenous children are 35 times more likely to be abused!

CAPS operates a highly successful program that directly prevents the multiple types of abuse, by community education initiatives including the Safe Children, Safe Families program, parent seminars and support groups, Nurturing Parent Program, parent education, and childcare educator and teacher professional development programs.  We provide exceptionally successful programs that are evidence-based, with results published on our website. 

The organisation delivers prevention and early intervention programs throughout Greater Sydney and via our online and webinar platform to rural NSW and Australia.  We work with expectant mother's and parents with young children, We are currently exploring new programs based on the most recent research to help change lives for the better and for the next generation.  Give Now to help make the world a little bit better!

Please help us introduce the newest evidence-based program to Australia. The Thriving Families Project aims to provide the best relationship enhancing program for new and expectant parents, by our perinatal and post-natal support and education programs.  These essential programs will help change and improve the nature of our society by enhancing children's secure attachment and healthy development.  Help us bring Thriving Families Project to Australia.  Give generously today to help our children have a better life and future.  


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