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Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne)

Settlement Support Appeal

About the Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne)
The Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) (MIC) is a not for profit organisation that provides assistance to people from refugee and migrant backgrounds who are new to Australia to successfully settle in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

This work includes casework for individuals and families including young people, information sessions on a wide range of topics and life skills programs and activities to assist people to understand Australian life and facilitate access to services available to them. MIC also provides specific programs for young people and children, recognising their unique experiences as distinct from their parents in settling into life in Australia.


Why are you collecting funds?

MIC recognises that individuals and families sometimes who are new to Australia sometimes face unexpected costs and/or fall into financial hardship or crisis. We are collecting funds to assist our work in this area.


How will the funds be used?

To provide direct support for newly arrived refugees and migrants facing challenging circumstances such as financial hardship and/or crisis. 100% of donated funds are used for this purpose.


Key Areas of Expenditure

Food vouchers and assistance for individuals and families to meet unexpected costs.

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Suite 2 27 Bank Street

Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.