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C.A.V.E. (Community and Volunteers of Eltham)

CAVE Community Support Service Appeal

We are a dynamic community group which looks to support children, teenagers and families in the Shire of Nillumbik and Banyule. We contribute in many ways such as through providing support for school expenses, computers and for tutition.

How will the funds be used?

We support the local community in the following ways:

  • Each year we provide Judith Ireland Studentships to six participating primary schools or a grade six student who will receive $200.00 each to be put into their Educational Fund at the secondary school of their choice. It is to be used for any educational need deemed fit and is not 'tied' to any specific subject. It is awarded to the student in recognition of academic application, social responsibility and community participation. This has often been achieved in challenging circumstances. We give this award with the hope that it reflects the goodwill and support of our community. With more funds we would like to expand this award to all the primary schools in the area. The studentships are in the memory of Judith Ireland, a past President of our organisation and a great woman who contributed so much and believed in the power of education and community.
  • A supply of computer packages to low income families or students who have been identified by the local secondary school as being in need of this equipment in order to cope with their secondary school studies
  • Emergency toiletries to young students "living rough", once again identified for us by the secondary schools.
  • We have contributed funds to support specific young people identified by the Lion's Club and local scouts as being in need of monetary assistance in order to pursue their music, sport or scouting achievements and interest. We also have paid for private tuition for a student identified by the schools as being in need of this service.

Key Areas of Expenditure

To fund Studentships for grade 6 students as part of the Judith Ireland Studentships program.
To provide computer packages to low income families and students.
To provide general support for a variety of educational, sporting and recreational needs deemed to be of benefit to the young recipient (on the advice of teachers and leaders)
  • To provide emergency toiletries to students "living rough" (on the advice of teachers)
  • Contact Details

    Po Box 429
    ELTHAM VIC, 3095

    Are donations tax deductible?


    Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

    Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.