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Liz is a single mother with 3 children all of secondary school age. She is currently living in a private rental house in Forest Hill. Her sole income is through a Parenting payment. Liz and her children are not extravagant but she does want her children to have the opportunities that a good education provides so that they might have a better future.

Liz describes her life as a constant struggle to keep abreast of the bills. While paying the rent, gas and electricity is of primary importance there have been times when they have been set aside to ensure that the family has food for the table. This causes the bills to mount up and more difficult to pay. The start of the year when new books and uniforms have to be purchased and school fees paid is a particularly difficult time for the family.

She needed Help...

When Liz received a 'threat to disconnect' notice and couldn't pay the bill she new that she needed help. Despite the embarrassment of her situation Liz sought help through the East Burwood Centre. The volunteers negotiated with the utility company for the establishment of a payment plan for her outstanding account and assisted with the first payment. Food vouchers and food were also provided as Liz admitted that her children were currently not attending school as she had nothing to give for them for lunch.

While the practical assistance was important and helped Liz back on the path of regaining control over her household budget it was equally important that there was someone who would listen to her.. to whom she could share the difficulties of her struggles without being judged and give her hope that there was someone who would be available to help before things spiralled totally out of control.

Liz is one of over 800 individuals or families that seek help through the East Burwood Centre each year. Their stories may differ but their needs are the same.. information, support and practical assistance. Donations to the Centre can directly assist others like Liz and her children.

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