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Children By Choice

Contraception and Carbon: A Voluntary Carbon Offset Appeal


Do you want to offset your carbon emissions? Every year, every Australian will emit an average of 16 tonnes of Greenhouse Gasses. Australia's per capita carbon emissions are amongst the highest in the world. One of the most cost effective methods of reducing carbon emissions is investment in family planning. Controlling population growth is arguably one of the most effective and untapped strategies to achieve carbon reduction. And there is an unmet need, right here, right now in Australia.

Children by Choice has been providing unplanned pregnancy counselling in Queensland since 1972. We work with over 2000 women every year who experience unplanned pregnancy. It is estimated that every one in three pregnancies is unplanned. To avoid unplanned pregnancy, a woman needs to manage contraception perfectly across 400 ovulations in her lifetime. This is a difficult task for any woman, but completely out of reach for women experiencing violence, poverty and disadvantage.

The most reliable and effective contraceptives available for women are Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives. Yet, for many disadvantaged women, the cost of these methods is prohibitive. Give disadvantaged women the chance to choose an effective contraception method. $200 dollars will offset one year of emissions for the average Australian.

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