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Do you want to help women and pregnant people living in poverty make their reproductive choices a reality?

Children by Choice is Queensland's only independent pro-choice pregnancy counselling, information and referral service. Many women and pregnant people contact Children by Choice to ask for support to access abortion services and contraception - it can be very difficult to find this information anywhere else. Imagine that sense of isolation! The costs of an abortion - especially when you add the costs of travel and accommodation - can be a significant barrier to someone accessing their reproductive choice. Long acting reversible contraception can also be very costly, depending on where the client lives. Without access to a full range of contraceptive options, it can be very difficult for people to take charge of planning whether or not, or when, to become pregnant.

Imagine, for example, a woman living in a rural area in a situation of domestic violence who is working hard to stay safe and to protect her children. Her partner controls her money and her access to contraception. She doesn't even know where to start after she decides to end the pregnancy - until she Googles Children by Choice.

Children by Choice counsellors also work hard to link these women and pregnant people in with other support organisations to help them step out of poverty and other challenges they face, for example, financial counselling, mental health support, domestic violence support and youth services.

100% of funds will be used for client support, to help cover the costs of accessing abortion and/or long acting reversible contraception in Queensland. This may include travel and accommodation costs as well as the out-of-pocket costs for the procedure or contraceptive devices.

Please sponsor these tough humans to do Tough Mudder and help Children by Choice help those women and pregnant people, who are battling poverty, to make their own choices.

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