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Your urgent support is required to help stop Western Australia from being turned into a toxic gasland. 

Imagine if your drinking water was contaminated by chemicals, your air was polluted with toxic emissions, and your land was overtaken by gas fracking rigs and chemical waste ponds. Imagine then finding out that your State Government was supporting this industry with special legislation, subsidies, and exemptions from environmental controls. 

This is already the everyday reality for people living in shale gas fracking fields in Pennsylvania USA, and it could soon be the future for large parts of Western Australia including the Kimberley - one of the most special places on Earth right on our doorstep. 

Your urgent support will help us to protect our precious groundwater from this toxic industry. 

Many Western Australians are totally dependent on natural groundwater supplies which cannot be replaced if they arepolluted by mining processes such as gas fracking. Fracking involves pumping a cocktail of highly carcinogenic and toxic chemicals mixed with massive volumes of water underground at pressures high enough to fracture deep underground rocks to release trapped gas. Some of the fracking fluids remain underground and are never recovered, while the remainder - thousands of litres of toxic material - finds its way back to the surface, where it is stored in open ponds. 

Right now the WA State Government is promoting development that will open up the vast and spectacular Kimberley region to gas fracking at a scale never seen before in Australia. Thousands of wells are likely to be drilled, each requiring large areas of land to be cleared for drill pads, roads and pipelines. 
We have a chance to stop the damage in WA before it happens, but we will have to act fast.

As more communities in the USA and Eastern States become aware of, and engulfed in the environmental and public relations nightmare that surrounds gas fracking, gas companies are looking for new places to drill where they can avoid organised community opposition. 

With your help, we can ensure that the gas fracking industry do not get a free pass in Western Australia. 

Your support will help to ensure that gas fracking proposals are subject to the full scrutiny of environmental assessment, strong regulations and an informed community that can recognise and respond to the risks that gas fracking inevitably brings. 

$50 will help print bumper stickers for the campaign

 $100 will help print information fliers for farmers in the Mid West

 $250 will place an ad in a local newspaper

 $500 will help us lodge appeals against gas fracking proposals

 $5,000 will buy TV advertising on GWN

 $10,000 will help support a dedicated campaigner to work on this issue based here at CCWA

Thank you very much for your support - without you we wouldn't be able to make a difference!

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