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Your donation will directly fund the Protect the Kimberley advertising campaign - and is crucial to continuing television, newspaper adverts and fliers across Western Australia electorates to put pressure on the State Government. Campaigning is an expensive business but with your help we can spread the word more effectively and get more people to join us!

As you may know, the Kimberley faces a number of serious, cumulative pressures, including climate change, large wild fires, feral animals and weeds, cattle grazing degradation and ad hoc and incompatible industrialisation.

The campaign is focused on establishing conservation and compatible development plan for the region as a whole which protects the Kimberley's globally significant environment; provides sustainable income, jobs and social benefits for Traditional Owners and wider communities; and prevents ad hoc and incompatible development.

With just 12% of land managed for conservation and none of the coastal waters of the Kimberley in marine sanctuaries, there's a lot of work to be done to secure real and lasting protection. Thanks for your support - we can't do it without you!

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