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Cerebral Palsy QLD Research Appeal

CPL, also known as the Cerebral Palsy League, is a non-profit organisation that provides vital support and services to more than 8,000 children and adults with disabilities in Queensland and Northern NSW.

CPL gives you the freedom of choice, the opportunity to chase your passion and the support to live the life you choose.

For many children and adults the current research we are engaged in may hopefully improve mobility, communication and quality of life for a child, what a wonderful Christmas Gift at any time!

New Research

For the past 59 years the league has been providing services throughout Queensland to children and adults with Cerebral Palsy.

Recent research suggests cerebral palsy is one of the most expensive disabilities to manage; there is no cure and every 18 hours a baby is born with cerebral palsy in Australia indicating an increasing demand on league services into the next decade and beyond.

Christmas season heralds the ending of one year and the dawning of the next. Next year will also herald another change.

The League recently embraced a number of research initiatives to further broaden the knowledge and understanding of this disability and in the years to follow, we hope the research conducted today will lay constructive foundations for the treatment, management and service of this disability with perhaps a long term view, research to perhaps one day soon, finding a cure.

One of the current research initiatives is "Participation patterns of children and adolescents with a physical disability, including cerebral palsy"

Children with cerebral palsy often find it difficult to participate with other children in school activities, sports, games and play, which means that certain social, educational, fitness and play opportunities are limited for them.. To do this, the study will involve using special assistive communication devices to assist children to report their physical activity patterns.

For this research project and future projects to be successful we need visionary, caring individuals to assist fund this important research work. Together, we can achieve.

Please give generously to this research appeal and help make a difference this Christmas.

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