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Illawarra Women's Health Centre

Change the future: youth led prevention of family violence


Last year almost 800 local women came to our Centre because of domestic and family violence.

The impact of our national domestic and family violence crisis continues to take its toll, both publicly and privately.

Change the future: support our young leaders to prevent domestic and family violence

Recent research that shows, disturbingly, almost one in seven young Australians believe a man would be justified in raping a woman if she initiated sex but changed her mind. Almost one-quarter of young men think women find it flattering to be persistently pursued, even if they are not interested.

92% of youth participants agreed that it is helpful to have young people leading the learning on respectful relationships

We are working with the student leaders of Warilla and Lake Illawarra High Schools to understand student attitudes to domestic and family violenceand then together, work to change attitudes that support violence.  

These student leaders sit on our project Steering Committee. They are smart, engaged, prepared, passionate, committed and articulate. They are the future leaders in our community, and they are inspiring. They want to change their community, they want to stop the violence and they have stepped up to work with us, the University of Wollongong, Local Police and Council to do so.

Please support them as they work on an Australian first project – a student led, designed and implemented family violence prevention strategy for their schools.

We need to raise $25,000 to implement this unique project. Your donation will enable us to employ a community development officer to work with the students and to pay the students an honorarium and it will fund the development of materials needed for the strategy. 

The Illawarra Women’s Health Centre will take responsibility for all administration and management costs.

Can you help, by donating $30 (or $60, or $90) to the project?

Many thanks, as always!


Help Illawarra Women's Health Centre to reach their goal of $25,000

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