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CHART - Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor (Inc.)

History, cultural heritage, research, education: Preserving

CHART locates, preserves and provides access to vulnerable archives of Australian community involvement in the East Timor issue, 1974-1999.


In Australia from 1974 to 1999, East Timor was a persistent and often controversial public policy issue. Official government material on East Timor is preserved by our National Archives. However, extensive records from involved Australian individuals, churches, aid organisations and solidarity groups are in danger of being lost. CHART ensures these records survive for long-term access by researchers, historians and educators.

What we do

  • Locate collections held by individuals and organisations throughout Australia
  • Help private collection owners preserve and describe their materials
  • Encourage private holders to lodge their collections in public repositories for long term access
  • Digitise privately-held archives for universal online access
  • Facilitate archives access to students and researchers
  • Encourage Australian archival institutions to support the development of archives in Timor-Leste
  • Make digital archival material available to East Timorese researchers and educators through Timor-Leste's own institutions

Accelerating CHART's work

CHART work has been done by volunteers since its foundation in 2000. There is still much to be done in every Australian State. We are seeking funds now to complete the many tasks by 2019.

What you can do

Your gift will help us cover some of our annual costs such as -
  • Stationery, archive boxes: $500
  • Internet access, website costs: $500
  • Office space rent: $1300
Other major costs include - Computer equipment: $200 - $1500 Scanning equipment: $700 to $7000 Scanning assistants: $22-25/hour Interstate travel and accommodation to help private collection holders: $2000 per trip Your gift, no matter how small, will contribute to preserving this unique Australian community history.

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Columban Mission Centre 69 Woodland Street

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.

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