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Chicks for Charity was formed in 2008 by 13 women who wanted to make a difference to their communities, for people in need for various reasons, including; health challenges, traumatic events, and helping them to deal with the day to day tasks during these challenges. Chicks for charity has simple beliefs. To give back, enjoy life, laugh alot, be thankful, cherish your family and friends, and to share the wisdom with those around us.

By donating to our cause, your funds will have a direct impact on uplifting someone's life. This might include; providing a house cleaner for a woman fighting cancer, or equipment for a child with a disability, or even providing a special gift to a child who faces prolonged periods of time in hospital or with crohnic illnesses.

Please consider donating to our charity directly through this website, and/or visit the website to learn more about this charitable foundation. Chicks for Charity also accepts on-going direct debit donations and/or personal bequests.

We look forward to your continued support!

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Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.