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Children by Choice Preferred Donor Fund

National Foundation for Australian Women Ltd

Children by Choice has been providing unplanned pregnancy counselling in Queensland since 1972. We are a pro-choice organisation that provides unbiased information and counselling across all the options - abortion, adoption and parenting. As part of our activities, we seek to improve women's access to abortion procedures in Queensland through both advocacy at both a systemic and an individual level, through our Action4Choice fund.

Abortion costs upward of $450 in Queensland at a minimum. Women on small fixed incomes are finding it increasingly difficult to come up with the funds to pay for a procedure. Over a third of our counselling clients are concerned at the cost of termination procedures, and many have to source funds from several different people or services to come up with the amount they need. Meanwhile, abortion procedures are very difficult to access through the Queensland public hospital system, and medication abortion remains limited in availability and expensive for women.

In 2011-12 we provided almost $50,000 in funds to cover medical procedures, travel and accomodation costs, in response to 381 requests for financial assistance. Providing funds on such a scale to individual women on an ongoing basis became unsustainable for our small service, and as of April 1 2013, this financial assistance program has been replaced by our Action4Choice fund.

The work of our counselling and community education teams, in relation to improving women's access to abortion, has shifted in focus from individual to systemic. Instead of providing small amounts of money for individual clients, we are working towards improving public access and expanding the provision of medication abortion in Queensland. Through working to change the system we hope to make a bigger difference for a larger number of women, and thus reduce the increasing need for financial assistance.

  We continue to work with individual clients in helping them source financial assistance through a variety of different channels, and with other agencies in helping improve their own capacity to support their clients in negotiating access to services. If all options have failed, we provide or find whatever funds we can to support an individual woman's access to a procedure, but this option is not available to many women due to the sheer difficulty of continually raising funds for this purpose.

 Women need to be able to make their own private decision based on good information and the availability of safe and affordable services. They are real people carefully considering their choices, and their choices shouldn't be affected by their wallets. A monthly donation of as little as $10 can help us provide this vital support for Queensland women.

How will the funds be used

Community education and information activities, to help improve the poor state of access to publicly provided abortion procedures in Queensland; in helping our work to expand the availability of medication abortion to women across the state; and in providing direct financial assistance where possible to women for whom all other options have failed.

Key Areas of Expenditure

Community education, financial support for clients.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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