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Children By Choice

Queensland Abortion & LARC Fund

Children by Choice has been providing unplanned pregnancy counselling in Queensland since 1972. We are a pro-choice organisation that provides unbiased information and counselling across all the options - abortion, adoption and parenting. 

Abortion provided through professional clinicians and GPs in Queensland is very safe but can have high out-of-pocket costs attached. Women in poverty can find it difficult to come up with the funds to pay for a procedure. Over half of contacts to our counselling team are about financial assistance for abortion, and many women have to source funds from several different people or services to come up with the amount they need. 

We have been providing financial assistance since 2000 for disadvantaged women to help them access abortion when that is their choice. This program now includes a No Interest Loan scheme and free or discounted long acting reversible contraception, but for some women, this is not enough. Our Queensland Abortion Fund provides money to women facing extreme disadvantage. Many of the women who need this help are victims of domestic and/or sexual violence. 

Women who are prioritised for assistance from this money have no other options for support. Funds provided for abortion access through the Queensland Abortion Fund are paid directly to the service provider, not to clients themselves. 

We work with clients to help them source financial assistance from friends, family and services.  We work with other agencies to help them to support their clients in negotiating access to services. If all options have failed, we provide whatever funds we can to support an individual woman’s access to a procedure. In these situations, our Queensland Abortion Fund is our safety net. We are in constant need of donations to ensure this safety net remains in place for some of Queensland's most vulnerable women. 

Women need to be able to make their own private decision based on good information and the availability of safe and affordable services. They are real people carefully considering their choices, and their choices shouldn't be affected by their wallets. You can make a tax deductible donation to help make their choice real, or sign up to become a regular giver. A monthly donation of as little as $10 can help us make the system work better for Queensland women, and you can nominate any amount you choose. 

How will the funds be used?

Your donation will be used for client support, to help cover the costs of accessing abortion in Queensland. This may include travel and accommodation costs as well as the out-of-pocket costs for the procedure itself.

Are donations tax deductible? Yes

Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, immediately sent to you by email when approved.

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Are donations tax deductible?


Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, as soon as your donation is processed.